FUNLight 2015

The latest Fun light event that we hosted was on June 18th and was once again strongly attended by both bachelor and master students with more than 70 students participating. This time Prof. Kresten Yvind from Nanophotonic devices group gave a talk on his research in particular about vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) in the presence of the department director of DTU fotonik. While being technical the talk was also a rudimentary introduction into the field of lasers and nanotechnology which was well suited for the level of the students.

During the talk tiny VCSEL lasers were on display and the dimension aspect the device was inspiring for the students. Following the nice talk, students are accompanied for a lab tour which gave them an opportunity to observe cutting-edge research activities. The lab tour includes optical chips (interconnects) lab, plastic optical fiber drawing tower lab, fiber Bragg grating fabrication and testing lab as well as high-speed optical communication labs. After the talk the students joined us for pizza and beer at the Dept. for Photonics Engineering where they could engage in discussion with students and research.