General Assembly 2015

We held the annual general assembly meeting on December 11, 2015 with DTU’s OSA student chapter board members. It was decided in the meeting to join the OSA and SPIE student chapters with unanimous vote. The joint student chapter will have a common president. The new structure of the board was discussed and the new board members were elected.

Preliminary plan of events for the next semester was prepared with the following events in mind.

  • FUNLight outreach event
  • Career talk session
  • Socializing event with laser tag
  • Entrepreneurship event – Rethinking Trends through Photonics
  • Invited guest lecture
  • Industry visit

The new board for the joint SPIE-OSA Student Chapter

OSA and SPIE President: Dmitrii Viazmitinov
Vice President OSA: Miranda Mitrovic
Vice President SPIE: Aurimas Sakanas
OSA and SPIE Treasurer:    Hitesh Kumar Sahoo
OSA Secretary: Dagmawi A. Bekele
SPIE Secretary: Daena Madhi
Other officer: Ivan-Lazar Bundalo
Other officer: Kasper M. Røge
Other officer: Mads Lillieholm
Other officer: Abebe T. Tarekegne
Other officer: Jesper B. Christensen