FUNLight 2016

As a tradition, again, this year DTU held the Fun Light event aiming to introduce bachelor and master student with the science of light and some applications of it. With more than 60 participants, this event showed once again the high interest of the students for this field. Prof. Peter Uhd Jepsen from the Department of Photonics Engineering in DTU gave a talk about the field of Photonics and Optics followed by the Terahertz Science and Technology and concluding with some exciting applications of it. Moreover, the potential of Terahertz radiation for chemical detection was also demonstrated experimentally leading to many questions from the students.

After the talk the students were invited at the Dept. of Photonics Engineering to discuss with the experts and the PhD students, while enjoying pizza and beer. We are looking forward to continue this tradition with the aim of raising the motivation of new scientist to be part of the science of light.

Prepared by Daena Madhi