Photonics in 2048



A workshop on rethinking trends through photonics, where attendees will leave the workshop with knowledge on structured idea creation and realising ideas. It is hosted in collaboration with Innovation Agent Monika Luniewska Jensen and consists of a theoretical and practical part. The first being a lecture on “Structured creativity, patenting and interdisciplinary approaches”. In the practical part “Rethinking trends through photonics” attendees are divided into groups and prepare a presentation on one huge trend like: Internet of Things, Big Data, Wearables, Patient at Home, Self-diagnostic, 3D printing, Privacy protection, etc. After presenting the attendees will discuss possible impact and opportunities of photonics in these areas. This process will be facilitated by creativity stimulating exercises and games. In the end the attendees will come up with ideas that can be realized through a startup.  All groups will pitch their startup ideas and one winning project will be selected by Monika.



13 May 2017 | Friday
11:00 | Introduction to OSA – SPIE Student Board
11:20 | Talk by Monika
12:00 | Work in groups
13:00 | Pizza and group work
14:00 | Presentations by groups
16:00 | Dinner