Photonics in 2048 | Report

Photonics in 2048 workshop was organized on 13 May 2016 in Copenhagen successfully. The workshop was held under the supervision of DTU Fotonik Innovation agent Monika Luniewska Jensen and the presentations were judged by DTU Fotonik’s Director LarsUlrik Aaen Andersen. 

The workshop started with Monika introducing the participants about the exponential technologies and few inspirational start-up examples. She shared her experiences from Singularity University and highlighted how to envision the future technologies. Later she asked the teams to discuss and come up with possible future technologies/solutions with a purpose.

The groups divided into teams based on their interests – Big data/AI, Self-diagnostics, IoT and 3D Printing. The teams brainstormed on the topics over pizza and drinks. They finally came up with presentations envisioning how photonics will shape the above mentioned technologies. They presented their visionsto LarsUlrik  and got valuable feedback from everyone. There was a tie between Self-diagnostics and IoT teams. So, they were given 30 more minutes to prepare a 1-minute pitch following which team Self-diagnostics was announced as the winner.

The guests were thanked for such a valuable session and the winners will be given their awards (Sennheiser HD 201 headphones) soon.

Lastly, the discussions on what and how technologies will shape the future continued through out the dinner.


Big Data/AI :
Aurimas Sakanas
­Jan Baumann
Moises Pacheco

Miranda Mitrovic
Rebecca Ettlinger

Artem Shikin
Mathias Geisler

3D Printing:
Maumita Chakrabarti
Dmitrii Viazmitinov
Hitesh Kumar Sahoo


Introduction to the session by Monika.


Monika explaining exponential technologies to the participants.


We presenting our version of the future.


Lars-Ulrik evaluating and giving feedback.


The last one minute pitch.


We thanking Lars-Ulrik and Monika for the event.


The winners Miranda (left) and Rebecca (right) with their "soon to receive" Sennheiser headphone


Discussions continued long after the event.


Rebecca (Left) and Miranda (Right) with their new Sennheiser headphones 🙂

Prepared by Hitesh Kumar Sahoo