Shoemaker Lecture

We have successfully launched a lecture series titled ” DTU-Lys Colloquia “, wherein we invite researchers around the world to give talks at DTU. We were honored to have Prof. David Shoemaker start the series and share his experience on detecting the gravitational wave. The details on the event and the talk can be seen here.

The event was a huge success with more than 80 participants, which included students, researchers and professors from various departments – DTU Fotonik, DTU Nanotech, DTU Space, DTU Fysik, DTU Electro etc. The lecture discussed the challenges and the journey made by the team before making the historical detection of gravitational wave and proving Einstein’s theories. We also had a informal lunch with Prof. Shoemaker after the lecture where the office bearers got a chance to interact more on his experience and views of the field.

It was quite a motivational event and a great start to our efforts of invited talk series.