General Meeting

Chapter board meeting minutes for 19.10.2016

Attendees: Dmitrii, Hitesh, Aurimas, Abebe, Daena, Lorenzo, Jesper, Jakob, Jan, Masoomeh, Dagmawi

Time: 15:30 – 17:00

Attendees have discussed the following issues:

1.  DTU Colloquia: The main focus of the colloquia is to organized talks by different speakers either coming as external examiners for the PhD defenses or being invited by the student chapter. Peter Uhd Jepsen is appointed as faculty advisor. Funding including travel expense will only be available for the big shots 2-3 per year. Otherwise, the student chapter will prepare cakes and gifts for the speakers.

Next speakers are David Web, Kyriacos Kalli and Liu coming for Lazar’s and Louise’s PhD defenses. David’s and Kyriaco’s talk will be in the end of November while Mr.x’s talk will be on Dec 19. Jesper will contact Ole Bang to organize further the talk by David and Kyricao. Jan and Hitesh will contact Lars Frandsen to organize Liu’s talk.

2. DTU Riso: In order to keep the Riso people up to date for some of the talks it is suggested to have a teleconference. This is yet to be organized by contacting people from AIT department.

3. European Physical Society (EPS) Chapter Addition: Application will be prepared by Aurimas, Masoomeh and Hitesh. The plan is that we should be able to have this student chapter before the new members’ election date. Peter Uhd Jepsen is suggested to be the faculty advisor.

4. Industry Visit: A visit to a research lab in Lund, Sweden. The leaders in one of the leaders in Attosecond thingy. Abebe is in charge of the organization. I will be held sometime in November.

5. Funlight 2017: more details to come as the date approaches.

6. Election for new board members: An annual report will be prepared. We will invite the three faculty advisors (Karsten, Peter A. and Peter U.). Additionally we will include people from DTU Riso and M.Sc. students. The idea is that one of the vice president and the secretary will be sitting in Riso. This will keep Riso people to be more in touch with the student chapter activity. Dagmawi will contact all the faculty advisors and setup a doodle poll for the meeting which should be held between December 5-9, 2016.

7. By-laws: Will be edited by Hitesh and Dagmawi, and will be available on our web page before the new board members election date.

8. Logo and T-shirt: more logo and T-shirt design ideas are welcomed.

9. Proposal by Lorenzo: To organize some of the events in collaboration with our student chapter. These events are soon starting by Fotonik. More information will be provided by Lorenzo to the board in the upcoming meetings.