Annual board meeting and election

Attendees: Dmitrii, Hitesh, Aurimas, Abebe, Daena, Lorenzo, Jesper, Jan, Masoomeh, Dagmawi, Peter U. Jepsen, Karsten Rottwitt, Andrey, Maria T. Ƙstergaard, Mathias R. Jensen, Mathias Geisler and Anastasiia

Date: 08.12.2016 from 11:30-14:00

The President of DTU-Lys welcomed the attendees and presented the meeting agenda and the general progress of our chapter. Aurimas then presented the main activities we have done in the academic year 2016 followed by a presentation from Dagmawi about the future of DTU-Lys.

Hitesh presented about the DTU-Lys colloquia and the chapter positions. The nominees were then given a chance to discuss about the responsibilities, fun, tasks and workload before they decide to stand for a position.

Faculty advisors Peter U. J. and Karsten R. facilitated the election process. For each position candidates presented themselves and their interest in joining the chapter board member. The following board members have been elected with majority vote for the respective positions.

Name Chapter position
Aurimas Sakanas President of DTU-Lys
Mathias Geisler Treasurer of DTU-Lys
Anastasiia Krasnoshchoka Vice president of SPIE
Jesper Bjerge Christensen Vice president of OSA
Daena Madhi Vice president of EPS
Masoomeh Taherkhani Secretary of OSA
Mekbib Wubishet Amdemeskel Secretary of SPIE
Jan Markus Baumann Secretary of EPS
Olena Muliar Webmaster of DTU-Lys
Lorenzo Leandro  

DTU-Lys Colloquia officers

Mathias Rosdahl Jensen
Hitesh Kumar Sahoo


FunLight 2017 is decide to be held on 12th January.

DTU-Lys has also awarded Hitesh K. Sahoo for his excellent activities, managing and maintaining the chapter. For his willingness to devote his time and effort to grow the chapter to such a strong student led organization for the last 2+ years and counting.



All eyes on the awesome ppt.


Dagmawi explaining IONS application.


Aurimas rounding up all the events from last year.


Hitesh explaing DTU Lys Colloquia.


The new team for 2017.


Prepared by Dagmawi Bekele.