JouleJul Run 2016

For the first time ever, JouleJul race was organized a week before Christmas as a tribute to famous British physicist James Prescott Joule, and… Christmas! (Danish, Jul). PhD students and professors had to be fast, alcohol-resistant and creative. Some of the tasks required participants to answer questions, which they were expected to know (e.g. which year was DTU established?), to combine ordinary words with optics/photonics terminology in one sentence (e.g. sweater and absorption), to backwards-spell a given word (e.g. from simple ones, like fiber, to more challenging, such as birefringence), and to do a few simple exercises (e.g. one-legged jumping). As a punishment for the lack of focus or creativity, the attendees were expected to have a traditional Danish mint shot, which hindered their performance in both running and answering further questions. Despite of cold weather and spinning heads, participants had a great time during the race, followed by relaxing chat and warm cacao drinks together afterwards. After calculating lap times and penalties due to unfulfilled tasks, prof. Karsten Rottwitt was awarded as the winner, and received a cocktail-making kit prize, so he could enjoy more minty drinks.

As the race proved to be fun and joyful event for both participants and organizers, we hope to expand next year by including younger students as well. Let’s melt the ice together in December 2017!


Prepared by Aurimas Sakanas



Event poster




Karsten running to victory


Race map


Karsten (left) accepting the prize