Board meeting 17.03.2017

Attending: Aurimas, Hitesh, Olena, Jan, Masoomeh, Daena

Discussed topics:

  • Next time at Funlight:
    • We need to make a checklist for the different things for events¬†that has to be done
    • Prepare flyers to hand out, advertising for DTU-Lys
  • ¬†Homepage:
    • Update faster (especially the photos and reports from events)
  • IONS Scandinavia:
    • June 2018 (5th to 9th)
    • Talks and agreements with Lund
    • Dagmawi head organizer
    • Website goes online soon
  • Carrier event in April
    • We need to find the speaker for the event
  • Company lunch event
    • Companies give a talk, afterwards lunch
    • Workshop afterwards
  • Travelling lecture
    • Contact people, make a list for the next meeting