Board meeting 11.01.2018

Attending: Abubakar Isa Adamu, Anastasiia Krasnoshchoka, Daena Madhi, Frederik Klejs, Jan Markus Baumann, Manoj Kumar Dasa, Martin Søren Engmann Djurhuus, Mathias Geisler, Mikkel Jensen, Muhammad Tahir Jamal, Nicklas Munksgaard Larsen and Pawel Marcin Kaminski


EPS grant application (deadline January 15th)

  • Planned to apply for the grant and arrange a half day tour to the nuclear power plant Barsebäck in Sweden.
  • Jesper will be writing the application.
  • Everyone agreed that public transport is a better option to travel there.
  • The tour is scheduled in spring.


FunLight 2018 (who and when?) Appoint committee?

  • Try to plan for a date in mid February
  • Maybe have a talk by Jesper Glückstad or Kristos
  • Responsible: Jesper, Manoj, Frederik


Events in the spring – brainstorm (social, outreach, prof. develop.)

  • Career planning workshop
    • Jesper will look into this.
  • More Colloquials
  • Maybe join summer barbeque with IONS
  • Need to consider more outreach events
    • Abu and Deanna will help to make DTU LYS flyers and their distribution among the bachelor students.


EPS + OSA annual meetings – Daena and Aurimas

  • EPS is in Prague
  • OSA is in Washington at Frontiers in Optics
  • Frederik will look into the EPS annual meeting.


IONS conference

  • No updates


Next event:

  • Funlight