FUNLight 2018

This year’s annual FUNLight event was presenting the field of Light Robotics. After an introduction to the DTU-Lys student chapter, more than 60 bachelor and master students were listening to “Light Robotics – a brand new interdisciplinary R&D area” as presented by Prof. Jesper Glückstad from the Programmable Phase Optics group at DTU Fotonik.

He started by presenting the components necessary for the field of light robotics. For example the field of light sculpting which he also works with. Then videos of different experimental demonstrations of the fields capabilities were shown to demonstrate the practical applications and capabilities of the field. Ideas for future works especially in biology was also discussed.

After the presentation, students were offered to have free pizza and drinks in the Line of Light, where many of them had a pleasant evening further discussing the intricacies of light robotics.

We look forward to what new and exciting next year’s FUNLight event will bring!


FUNLight Event

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