Board meeting 21.08.2018

Attending: Abubakar Isa Adamu, Aurimas Sakanas, Dagmawi Alemayehu Bekele, Jesper Bjerge Christensen, Manoj Kumar Dasa, Martin Søren Engmann Djurhuus, Mathias Geisler, Mikkel Jensen, Neethu Mariam Mathew, Pawel Marcin Kaminski and Tobias Olaf Buchmann


IONS Scandinavia. Status and post activities.

  • IONS Scandinavia 2018 was a huge success and secured funding for a number of activities and events.
  • Current status on budget is that we have some surplus funds – mainly due to the budget not incorporating that DTU-Lys is a non-profit organization = expenses not taxed.
  •  Planned post-IONS activity: None


Fall activities arranged by DTU Lys.

  • Aiming for two DTU-Lys Colloquia, based on lectures from opponents at Ivan’s defense and Dagmawi’s defense. Manoj will contact Ivan’s opponent.  Jesper will do likewise with Dagmawi’s opponent through secretary of division Mette Særgaard.
  • Initiated plans for Lunch with Industry vol. 2, aimed to take place in beginning/middle October. Targeted companies are OFS, Foss, and 3-shape. In talk with Jakob Janting, President of DOPS, with who the activities are hoped to be shared. (Back-up companies, Bifrost, FaunaPhotonics, and Ibsen).
  • Career planning workshop agreed upon. Jesper will send e-mail to Dansk Magisterforening (again). Planned for early November an afternoon from 3-5 pm.


Chapter-activity poster for Frontiers in optics – leadership conference (Manoj).

  • Manoj, Neethu, Abu, and Mikkel will all be in charge of the Poster for the Leadership conference in Washington.


Optics outreach activities – optics suitcase and Girls Day in Science.

  • Outreach: Abu, Manoj, Neethu, and Jesper talk to LU regarding visiting schools (7th and 8th grade) in the surrounding area of DTU + Girls Day in Science (Neethu + maybe Anastasiia). Jesper will send LU an e-mail to initiate communication.


DTU-Lys Social event

  • DTU-Lys social event of the year: Jesper will create doodle for vote between: Laser Tag, Gokarts, Bowling, and Escape Room.


Upcoming conferences (student grants and SPIE leadership)

  • SPIE Photonics conference (taking place now) and the SPIE leadership conference: DTU-Lys not participating – must make up for next year! Manoj looks into potential student chapter grants for SPIE Photonics West taking place in January.


Next event:

  • ???


Next meeting:

  • Beginning of September 2018