Board Meeting 13.09.2018

Attending: Abubakar Isa Adamu, Frederik Klejs, Jesper Bjerge Christensen, Martin Søren Engmann Djurhuus, Mikkel Jensen and Nicklas Munksgaard Larsen.


Industry Lunch

  • Will be at the 10th of October from 12-13 in the Line of Light.
  • The company presentations 15 min in the order of Foss, 3-shape then OFS.
  • Space for 50-60 people.
  •  Martin looks into creating documents and Abu will order food.

DTU-Lys Social event

  • DTU-Lys social event of the year: Laser Tag.
    • Planed for a Wednesday in the end of October.
    • Jesper will investigate further.

Meeting accomplishments

  • 6 people ate 2 cakes.


Next event:

  • Industry Lunch


Next meeting:

  • ???