Board Meeting 28.01.2019


Webpage (OSA are shutting down their student chapter hosting)

  • Frederik asks Mads how to get a DTU domain for DTU Lys.
  • Martin backs up the current website.
  • What about the DTU style? We will figure it out later

Email (OSA are shutting down their student chapter emails)

  • We don’t really use the OSA provided email.
  • Would be cool to have a email. Martin will look into it.
  • Otherwise gmail or our own domain.


  • Funlight
    • Last year: Jesper Gluckstad. 2017: Nika Akopian, 2016: Peter Uhd
    • Suggestions:
      • Lars Dittmann on 5G and networks
      • Paul Michael on LED
      • Peter E. Andersen on biophotonics
      • Darko Zibar on Machine Learning in Photonics
      • NKT people on High power (100-200W) fiber lasers
      • Marcus Carstensen on his Alzheimers lamp
    • Prioritised list: 1. Lars Dittmann, 2. Darko Zibar, 3. NKT
    • Mikkel reaches out.
    • Abu is in charge of pizzas.
  • DTU Colloquia
    • David Cook (McGilll, Canada) and woman from Cambridge are coming for Daena’s defense on 14th of Feb. Mikkel asks Peter to reach out regarding a talk (45 min) preferable on the morning of the defense.
    • Cake
  • Rest of the year?
    • Lunch with industry (October?)
    • Outreach
    • Company visit at 3Shape. We aim for April (perhaps before Easter). Mikkel contacts 3Shape to check time and maximum number of people.
    • Career day: How to plan a career in photonics. With IDA (the Danish union for engineers)
    • Pitching your project: An evening with pitches and pizzas
    • Bachelor/Master get-together maybe combined with a BBQ
    • Social day
    • Laser Khet tournament

Student chapter vision

  • Make good slogan.
  • Interact with bachelor student more
  • Mikkel remembers cake next time

Next event:

  • Funlight

Next meeting:

  • 26. februar 2019