Board Meeting 26.02.2019

Attendees: Abu, Manoj, Neethu, Simon, Chanju, Mikkel (president) and Daena

Meeting Start

Since last meeting:

  • DTU Colloquium with Daena’s examiners. 35 people and lots of cake. Great success!
  • Webpage: Frederik submitted form and got permission from LU. Now we are waiting, but we don’t know what. Let’s see next time. Martin did a backup of the webpage.
  • E-mail. Hopefully at or maybe

FUNLight tomorrow.

  • Everything is (sort of) under control.
  • Slide clicker/laser pointer. Simon brings one. Manoj buys one for us.
  • Mikkel and Abu figure out numbers.
  • We all advertise tomorrow. Hopefully around 50-60 participants.
  • Drinks tomorrow. Simon has a car a fridge, an apartment. Mikkel, Simon et al goes to buy.

Company visit at 3Shape

  • 3rd of April
  • 11:30 to 14:00 (including lunch)
  • Max 25 people
  • Who is in charge? Manoj and Abu are in charge
  • Head start to Photonics people in the sign up

BBQ & get-together with students

  • May is perhaps bad due to exams – June?
  • 7th of June is decided.
  • BBQ & get-together with students. Aurimas and Hitesh are invited.
  • Games, food, fun.
  • Daena is in charge

Anything else?

  • Get people to sign up so we don’t lose good standing (ABU)
  • Next meeting in May (Mikkel sends invitations)
  • Visit high school to collect students for DTU
    • Outreach after summer.
    • Mikkel and Simon reach out to teachers.
    • Hopefully we can get students for SRP projects.


    • OSA: Abu check response.
    • EPS: Deadline july 15th
    • SPIE: Simon/Neethu

Next event:

  • BBQ & get-together with students

Next meeting:

  • ???