About Us


We are a group of a group of students at DTU Fotonik with diverse academic and cultural background united by our common interest in sharing optics and photonics knowledge. We are affiliated to a worldwide network of SPIE which is a anon-profit, international society advancing an emerging technology of light. As a student chapter we participate in SPIE international meetings which open networking opportunities and knowledge sharing with dynamics minds in optics and phonics all over the world. We aim to enhance the visibility of optics and photonics, boost carrier development opportunities by facilitating communication between companies and photonics and optics minds. We strongly believe that light technology will play a leading role in shaping the future with its versatility. Therefore, we would like to promote the science of optics and photonics and encourage young students to join the field. We organize fun optical events; invite internationally leading optics and photonics experts to share their knowledge and experience; organize outreach programs to connect with the community. Our members have an opportunity not only to obtain knowledge on optics and photonics, but also get a valuable experience of socializing with people of different culture and ideology. We value informal communication for sharing knowledge within the group, among other similar groups and the community.


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